• 🖖 Happy Star Trek Day! 🌌

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Join our celebratory expedition.                ‌      ‌      Live long and poster!Mark it in your captain’s log, we’ve warped to this time of year again – September 8th, Star Trek Day! We’re celebrating the franchise’s 56th birthday, so get your uniform, set your phasers to stunning, and join in.  Hope you’re ready for some timeline jumping, because going through our Star Trek collection is quite an expedition. There’s over 300 designs to explore, from vintage movie posters and official TV series artworks to starship blueprints and retro-inspired tribute art. We even have some officially licensed Star Trek cats! Look closely and maybe you’ll find some Tribbles, too.Star Trek collectionsUSS Enterprise warps into Limited Edition Want to get something special for your journey to the final frontier? We’ve got you covered. This week’s Limited Edition Displate is every Trekkie’s delight. We made sure that NCC-1701 shines in all its space-bending glory in this awesome, 3D-enhanced design.  Catch it before it warps away!Grab yoursCopyright © 2022 DISPLATE.COMGWD CONCEPT Sp. z o.o., Al. Jerozolimskie 123a, 02-017 Warsaw, PolandIf you are not interested in receiving the emails from us, unsubscribe instantly

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