• Why this indictment of Donald Trump is a mistake

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Also: Camouflage innovations are coming to Ukraine’s battlefield Read in browser March 31st 2023 The Economist today The best of our journalism, handpicked each day Perp talk Prosecuting Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels looks like a mistake The case is too uncertain and technical to deliver the clarity America needs Related Who is Alvin Bragg, the district attorney taking on Donald Trump? The cases against Donald Trump are piling up Get The Economist free for a month Stay connected with radically independent journalism Subscribe   Undead finance America risks propping up zombie banks The banking crisis may have calmed, but only because of a government backstop Children of enemies of the state Russia is persecuting dissenters by taking away their children A father imprisoned for his daughter’s anti-war drawing is just one case Hyperspectral camouflage Better camouflage is needed to hide from new electronic sensors A deadly game of hide and seek True enough April Fools stories from The Economist’s archive Our favourite hoaxes over the years—plus an article that now reads like one. Spot the intruder Free exchange China is now an unlikely safe haven The country’s financial risks are its own. America’s quickly become everybody else’s, too Entertaining lives “Masquerade” depicts the darkness behind Noel Coward’s frivolity The playwright and performer was a more serious artist than even he cared to acknowledge Daily chart Who are Russia’s supporters? They may be numerous, but do not offer much to the Kremlin Hit for six The Indian Premier League is taking over global cricket India’s lucrative domestic contest is strangling international contests Checks and Balance What’s at stake in the Chicago mayor’s race? Our weekly podcast on democracy in America. This week, why the mayoral election matters outside of the city limits Fact of the day 71%, the expansion of India’s GDP over the past decade. Read the full story. Also from The Economist Subscriber only Stay informed with our weekly Britain newsletter Blighty will help you understand the challenges facing the country and what needs to be done to overcome them. Sign up today. A message from Economist Impact The data dividend - Boston Join us next week in Boston for free as we discuss how to harness the power of people, processes and technology to unlock value from data. Register Learn about Economist Impact We’d like to hear from you   Share your feedback via the email address below. Email [email protected]   Was this email forwarded to you? Sign up here. This email has been sent to: couponkirk. If you'd like to update your details please click here. Replies to this email will not reach us. If you don't want to receive these updates anymore, please unsubscribe here. Keep updated Advertising Info Terms & Conditions Help Privacy Policy Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2023. All rights reserved. Registered in England and Wales. No.236383   Registered office: The Adelphi, 1–11 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6HT This email was sent to: 0033z000035ghg5aae This email was sent by: The Economist Newspaper Ltd., The Adelphi, 1-11 John Adam Street, London, London, WC2N 6HT, GB

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