• This week: Popular Mac app NightOwl goes rogue, Intel flaw may affect Macs, and 6 cool hidden macOS features

    From: Intego Mac Security    Update time: Jun-08-2023 03:51:am

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Intego's Mac Security Newsletter - August 2023, Issue 2 This Issue Does Downfall, a major new Intel processor vulnerability, affect Macs? Apple hasn’t said yet. But Apple has shut down NightOwl, a popular Mac app for adjusting Dark Mode, due to allegations that it went rogue. Meanwhile, we discuss why SMS text messaging is insecure, and whether it’s safe to get two-factor authentication codes by text. We also cover 6 cool macOS features you probably don’t know about.Stay tuned to The Mac Security Blog and the Intego Mac Podcast for continuous coverage of important security and privacy news, as well as tips and tricks to help you stay safe and secure. Top Stories How the Downfall vulnerability may affect Intel Macs A major Intel processor vulnerability, the likes of Spectre and Meltdown, has just come to light. Some older Macs may (or may not) be impacted. Read More NightOwl app allegedly joins Macs to a botnet army A popular app, NightOwl, changed owners and allegedly began enlisting Macs in a botnet. What really happened? Can other indie apps be trusted? Read More 6 cool macOS features you probably don’t know about Apple has buried many useful features deep within System Settings. Here are a half-dozen macOS gems to help you get the most out of your Mac. Read More Why SMS text messaging is insecure; is it safe for 2FA? SMS is ubiquitous, but lacks security. Is it okay to rely on texts for two-factor login codes? Learn the key things to know about SMS, MMS, and more. Read More Read More on The Mac Security Blog The Intego Mac Podcast Episode 304: Chrome Security, 95% Accurate Acoustic Attacks, and QR Code Scams Chrome moves to weekly security patches. A $5 billion lawsuit claims “private browsing” is misleading. Amazon sells expired tech as “new.” And an acoustic attack is 95% accurate at stealing your keystrokes. © 2023 Intego — 801 Barton Springs Floor 9, Austin, TX 78704 USAUpdate Email  |  Unsubscribe  |  View In BrowserIntego, 16A boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris, France

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