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Can't see this email? View in Your Browser IT'S WARBIRD WEDNESDAY!Hang in there all, we're halfway to Friday... 50% OFF OUR FULL RANGE OF STICKERS!That's right! There's been MASSIVE demand for our rangeof stickers and this will be music to the ears of our die-hard collectors. To those interested in starting their own collection (warning, this hobby is seriously addictive!), there's never been a bettertime to get started!So, until midnight Friday the 19th of April (AEST), we have 50% off our full sticker range when you spend $20 or more.SHOP 1/2 PRICES STICKERS HERE. WARBIRD WEDNESDAY WITH CLASSIC AIRCRAFT PHOTOGRAPHY.For this week's photo feature, we have a WW1 double whammy!Above, we have the Ace of Aces, the Red Baron, accompanied by the Richthofen Circus.Below, is a superb shot of the Albatros D.II operated by Vintage Aviator Limited and flown by Paul Hughan.ENJOY! GOT A THING FOR SOPWITHS AND FOKKERS?Browse our full range of early aviation designs HERE. FLYING THE MIG-25 AIRCREW INTERVIEW TV.   This week, Former IAF MiG-25 Foxbat pilot, Sumit Mukerji, shares what it was like kicking in the Foxbats 2 Tumansky R-15B-300 engines into afterburner and flying the whole mission in min burner! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evtC7fiy4ms   WHAT'S HOT? Here we have a bit of a peek at just a few of our fav designs here at the M5 Studio that are getting a lot of love from you all.First, we have the Phantom Graphics collection making for some seriously great-looking tees and stickers! Browse all the works from artist Neil Beach HERE.Second in line is our classic Rubber Dogsh*t Transport Co. tee and sticker. You can grab yours HERE.Third is yet another M5 classic tee design we continue to see all too often. Grumman Iron Works sticker and tees HERE.Last, but not least, is our range of automotive tees and stickers. This is a range we're looking forward to expanding in the near future, and although a small range compared to our aviation works, is definitely worth a look! Browse our full automotive range HERE. TEES MUGS TODDLER TEES STICKERS HATS PATCHES   No longer want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe.

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