• How to Make Losing Weight Feel Less Overwhelming

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It starts with being a bit of a slacker.                                       Your Weekly   ONE THING TO DO THIS WEEK Actually…One Thing Not to Do This Week Tracking your food. Getting in some activity. Drinking plenty of water. You should do all of the above, yes? Not if you’re stressed, burnt out, or just totally overwhelmed. Take this as a sign to cross one thing off your to-do list…without doing it. We promise it won’t “ruin” your weight-loss efforts. In fact, it’ll set you up for even more wins. Learn how to prioritize your to-dos, create a realistic road map for each task, and more in this week’s technique.   Join WW for more stay-on-track strategies and 24/7 support.   ASK THE EXPERTS   How to Deal with Discouraging Thoughts Fact: If you say something enough, you start to believe it. Great for positive thinking, not so much for when you’re Debbie Downer-ing. Here’s how to shift your internal monologue and take back control.   Keep reading       WEEKLY RECIPES Easiest-Ever Dinners Codename: Sheet-pan recipes. You’ll get a full meal in less than an hour, do zero babysitting on the stove, and only have one thing to wash.             NON-STARCHY VEGGIE OF THE WEEK Delicata Squash This scalloped squash is usually grouped in the winter family, but it’s giving us major pre-fall vibes. It has the same rich, creamy texture as butternut but its thin skin is more like summer varieties—a.k.a. you can leave it on and it won’t taste like a mistake. Plus no peeling means you’ll save time prepping (just make sure to give it a good scrub) and keep more nutrients on your plate. A couple of ideas     Learn how non-starchy veggies can help you reach your weight-loss goals.   Connect with us Unsubscribe  |  Privacy Policy You are subscribed as couponkirk. Offer intended for named recipient only, do not forward email. WW Coin Logo, PersonalPoints and ZeroPoint are the registered trademarks of WW International, Inc. © 2022 WW International, Inc. All rights reserved. WW International Inc. | 675 Avenue of the Americas, 6‌t‌h F‌l‌o‌or‌ |‌ N‌e‌w‌ ‌Y‌o‌r‌k‌,‌ ‌N‌Y‌ 1‌0‌0‌1‌0

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